We do as TheySay

TheySay was established in 2011. Over the years we have developed a unique strategy that allows us to listen to your customers; they say where they are and what they want, and we deliver them with your tailored message, while constantly learning and daily improvment of the campaign results. We call this unique strategy – Learning Media.
Accurate Message: Our daily monitoring allows us to know in real time what your customer is interested in. The message does not work? We turn to the next message, while being live with the campaign.
This step will save you costs over time, will improve the results of future campaigns and increase your ROI.


Your customers are not made of clicks and exposures – they are real people with needs and preferences that vary from person to person. We investigate and study the customer before the campaign, and serve them your message in the most accurate while creating intelligent personalization.

The Learning Media strategy allows us to perform real-time research and monitoring of the customer over time.
It is the accuracy of detecting where he is and when he’s there, along with a dedicated message via social media platforms he was present on with the usage of – advertising on Facebook, Google search, content sites or applications.

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