Search Engines (SEM)

When your customer is looking for something, we want him to find you. To attract targeted traffic of visitors interested in your product or service, the site must be in search engines. Search Engine Marketing is based on the keywords used by visitors as a means to achieve the objectives and a high quality target audience.
TheySay is a certified partner of Google AdWords and Google’s Partner Program. Company employees passed certification tests demonstrating the expertise and proficiency in various Google advertising tools.


The Search Engine Marketing begins with the definition of a marketing strategy that fits the customer’s needs.
We are conducting preliminary research and analysis of the process of search engine advertising through sponsored ads (PPC) model of pay per click, then reaching advertising optimization.


PPC is an online marketing model, in which the payment is made each time someone clicks on the ad.
A winning PPC campaign includes research and choosing the appropriate keywords, their organization and creating landing pages optimized to bring high conversion ratios.
Our advertising promotion is made after research and optimization for different search engines, combined with a dedicated creative adjusted to the target audiences and the country to which you wish to reach.